Papa Shango

The Band

Papa Shango is an Ottawa-based blues band that came together early 2008. What started out as a few old friends jamming out some tunes has evolved into a 8-piece full sounding blues/funk/jam band with a wide range of influences. Over half of the members in the band have know each other since childhood and their days at Bell High, while the other half have come together through more recent friendships.

Papa Shango

Alanna George

Alanna George Lead Vocals, Keys, Harp

Joey N

Joe Nesrallah Guitar

Ilan Kolet

Ilan Kolet Guitar, Vocals

Chris Lengyl

Chris Lengyel Blues Harp

Andrew Matsukubo

Andrew Matsukubo Percussion, Drums

David Matsukubo

David Matsukubo Bass

Dave Olsen

Dave Olsen Keyboards

Jonny O

Jonny Olsen Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Jason McNamara

Jason McNamara Harmonica, Percussion, Saxophone

Papa Shango

Papa Shango About The Band

Photos taken by Alan Dean. Visit

Papa Shango practices at SoundCheck Rehearsal Studios.